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Dr. Salzarulo – Holistic Doctor in New York City

Anthony Salzarulo Holistic Doctor NYCDr. Anthony Salzarulo has a rare gift for gentle, compassionate care and a remarkable track record for helping his clients return to the joy of vibrant, healthy living.

He holds professional degrees and licenses in Chiropractic and Physical Therapy and is a certified Iridologist and a certified Biotherapuetic Drainage Practitioner. He has also completed advanced studies in nutrition, detoxification, homeopathy, flower essences and herbs.

He has learned from many renowned teachers, including Dr. Robert Abell, Dr. Dickson Thom,
Dr. Jeffery Bland, Dr. Freddie Ulan, Gabriel Cousins, M.D., and Dr. Gary Null, and did a five-year mentorship with the internationally acclaimed holistic physician Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., the author of the classic works Radical Healing and Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach. His years of study with the Zen masters and Maezumi Roshi and Sensei Bill Jordan in California, and completing a Yoga Teacher's Training with Yogiraj Alan Finger in New York, have given him extensive experience in meditation and yoga.

Dr. Salzarulo has been in practice for more than 20 years, teaching and inspiring clients to empower and heal themselves. He has guest lectured at several educational institutions including Mount Sinai Medical Center and Hunter College in Manhattan, the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, and the Middle Atlantic Olympic Weight Lifting Camp. He was also a speaker at the Spine Conference at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York regarding the usefulness of yoga and meditation for spine-related pain.

"Much more than just a health practitioner, I am deeply committed to teaching and empowering my clients so that they feel inspired to stick with their programs, achieve their goals and ultimately take full charge of their own health."
Dr. Anthony Salzarulo

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Holistic Doctor NYCDr. Rudolph Ballentine has said this about Dr. Salzarulo: 
"I have been working with Anthony Salzarulo for over five years, guiding his personal healing and his deepening exploration of the rarely practiced art of profound transformational medicine. He has a stubborn determination to dig down to the roots of suffering and address the underlying issues that not only create disease, but limit creativity and joy in life. Though many healers claim they aim for this level of work, few persist in the work that is necessary to gain the ability to do it.

Dr. Salzarulo has refined the process of natural detoxification (which is essential today), and has launched a long-term study of the radical potential of homeopathy, for which his inquisitive, searching mind is well suited. He is also a serious practitioner of tantra, which holds the secrets of human transformation. This rare combination of the most powerful tools available to healers, and his insistence on not just studying, but living these disciplines, allow me to refer clients to him with confidence. All this, along with his passion and his open-hearted compassion assure that those he touches, as healer or teacher, are blessed with better health and support for their spiritual journey on this planet."

In Manhattan, Dr. Salzarulo can be reached at (212) 475-2222.