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Holistic Acne Treatment NYC
Radiant Skin – From the Inside Out

A frequently overlooked factor for curing skin conditions is the skin's relationship to other organs in the body – especially the colon, kidney, liver and lungs. When these organs are filled with toxins, the results almost always show up in your skin. So clearing congestion in these organs is the best way to get a lasting clearing of the skin.

Many conventional approaches help to alleviate these skin symptoms temporarily, but often do not address the source of the problem.

Dr. Salzarulo will design a holistic program to address the underlying of causes of your problem – using herbs, homeopathic remedies, nutritional supplements and inspiring dietary recommendations that he has seen to be effective time after time. His programs are very easy to follow will fit into a busy schedule!

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"My Pimples are Gone"

"Before seeing Dr Salzarulo I got monthly yeast infections, and frequent urinary tract infections that wouldn't go away. I also had bad acne breakouts and I was never without a pimple and I had lots of red marks where the pimples once were. I also felt very tired, I needed a nap every afternoon and I did not have excitement and motivation with my work no "get up and go."

Since seeing Dr Salzarulo I haven't had a yeast infection in months, my urinary tract infection is gone, my pimples are gone, I barely need make-up, redness has faded, and I no longer need an afternoon nap and I am very focused and excited about my work!"
– Erika S.
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"My skin Looks Great!"

"It has been over a month since I last saw you and I want to update you. I want to first thank you for all your help. I am still on the herbs, I have lost 15 pounds, and my health could not be better. My muscles and joints do not ache, my heartburn is gone, my skin looks great, and I have more energy.

My new habits all come naturally to me now: it is not a struggle anymore like in the beginning. I am very happy I made that first appointment with you. The program is really worth every cent. I have an improved lifestyle, and I am enjoying it, and I owe it to you." – Elizabeth, New York, NY
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"I Now Feel the Best I Have Ever Felt in My Entire Life"

"I went to see Dr. Salzarulo because I was suffering form persistent weight gain – especially around my belly and chin. I was lacking the motivation to stick with a program and I felt tired and lazy. I also had achy knees and persistent acne.

I now feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life and I know it is because of Dr. Salzarulo's help. I recommend Dr. Salzarulo and his advice to everyone I know. I look better and I have accomplished all the goals I came to Dr. Salzarulo with. I can't recommend Dr. Salzarulo enough."
– Augustine Blaisdale, NYC, NY
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