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Anxiety: Is there anything natural I can do?

"I feel so anxious."
"I'm stressed."
"I hate taking all these drugs."
"I'm afraid I'll have another panic attack."
"I have such trouble sleeping."
"My mind won't shut off."
"I'm so tired."
"Is there anything natural I can do?"

I often hear these and other similar comments from my clients. The holistic arena has so much to offer people who suffer from anxiety and sleep problems. In my practice I have observed many wonderful results using homeopathic remedies, clinical nutrition, and dietary and lifestyle changes.

It is estimated that each year nearly 40 million people in the United States are affected by anxiety. Approximately half of these people are taking medical drugs to reduce their symptoms. And, very frequently, drugs offer little or no help. The reason is that the conventional health-care system usually does not address anxiety’s underlying causes. I find that so many people who are affected by anxiety don’t need to be: they find lasting relief when the underlying causes are addressed.

When people talk about anxiety, the word that comes up again and again is “stress.” Among the key glands that help us to cope with stress are the adrenals. There are two of these glands and they sit right above the kidneys. Among other things, they give us that “rush of adrenaline” in times of emergency. But on a day-to-day level, they help us handle the normal stresses of daily life. If these coping glands are overworked and under-cared-for, they get out of balance. So it makes sense that until these stress coping glands are back into balance, you feel anxious especially when faced with stressful circumstances. In my practice I have many ways to bring these glands back into balance using holistic methods.

It is no accident that many people who suffer from anxiety also have sleep difficulties whether the problem is falling asleep or staying asleep: their minds are racing and won’t shut off, and they often wake up exhausted, anxious about the tasks that are before them each day. One major underlying cause of sleep difficulties is an imbalance between the adrenal glands and the pineal gland, a small gland in the brain that is linked to melatonin, which regulates sleep patterns. Both of these glands not only have to be functioning well, they also have to be in rhythm with each other. When they are out of rhythm, sleep problems result. In my practice I find homeopathic remedies to be very effective in restore the rhythm and strength of these glands.

Another area of imbalance lies in the nervous system. Many people with anxiety are often in a “fight or flight” mode (technically known as sympathetic dominance). Common symptoms of sympathetic dominance are nervousness, increased sweating, heart palpitations and panic attacks. Over the years, I have found some simple dietary and lifestyle modifications to be very effective in restoring the nervous system’s balance.

This may sound complex, but it's not. When an individual program is clearly written out and explained, patients find it easy to follow and get powerful results.

Patients who are engaged in holistic programs often report:

  • much less anxiety
  • improved quality of sleep
  • feeling inspired
  • more energy
  • feeling much more empowered about their health

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"I'm Much Calmer"

"As a dentist and owner of a successful dental practice, I deal with lots of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. After searching for a way to maintain my busy life while also maintaining my health, well being and my family, I found the answers by working with Dr. Salzarulo. He personalized a program for me, which was the platform for the energetic, positive me of today. It has been an ever-achieving endeavor, with each level bringing more spirit and health that I could ever imagine.

My work is better. My blood chemistry is better. And my family and friends have commented on the increase in my energy. The most notable change for me is that I'm much calmer.

I attribute a large part of my success to Dr. Salzarulo's broad knowledge of natural medicine and his kind encouragement. I continue to be inspired!"
– Dr.Joseph LaCarrubba, Dentist, Manhasset, NY
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"My Energy Levels Remain High"

"I saw 12 doctors before I sought the help of Dr. Salzarulo. With his patience, determination and dedication I have been able to rid myself of my Candida overgrowth symptoms. I am no longer depressed or anxious, and my energy level remains high throughout the day. Every week I am complimented on the glow that I have, and it makes me feel extremely proud of myself when other people notice that I am doing great. Best of all, Dr. Salzarulo has given me the education I need to maintain this healthy vibrant life forever."
– Courtney Feemster, Manhattan
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