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Healthy Terrain, Healthy Body
The symptoms of your body are a reflection of the state of your terrain. The "terrain" is another way of saying the ecology of the body. The symptoms you have mirror the state of this underlying ecology.

So the real way to alleviate your symptoms is to go to the cause of your symptoms. And that means clearing and restoring the balace and health of your all-important terrain.

Candida: What Is The Underlying Problem?
Candida is a very persistent organism, and curing it requires a holistic approach. For more information, read this article titled: "Yeast: The Underlying Problem."

Natural Detoxification
Dr. Salzarulo has refined the art of detoxification. His programs are effective, affordable and easy-to-follow. For more information, read this article titled: "The Benefits of Natural Detoxification".

Alkaline Foods Promote a Vibrantly Healthy Life
Conventional medicine currently offers only limited treatments - generally medications, which usually provide only temporary relief of allergy symptoms. Practitioners of holistic medicine, however, have found that by correcting the underlying causes of allergies, you can eliminate most of these symptoms for good.

Allergies: What Is Your Body Telling You?
Allergies are the sixth leading cause of chronic disease in the United States.Dr. Salzarulo firmly believes that there is no reason why you have to live with allergies for the rest of your life.

Coffee: What's In Your Morning Cup?
Conventional-grown coffee is among the most heavily chemically treated ?cash crop? in the world. In this article, Dr. Salzarulo explains the health and environmental benefits associated with drinking organic coffee and green tea.