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Blood Tests: Facts and Fictions

"My doctor told me that my blood report is normal ? but I'm still not feeling well." "My doctor told me everything is in range, so why do I continue to have all these symptoms?"

Many of my patients have exactly these kinds of questions after they receive their blood test results.  When you're not feeling healthy, being told "There's nothing wrong" just adds to the problem.  Certainly, it does nothing to help feelings of being tired, bloated, constipated, weak or anxious.  It also does nothing to cure skin conditions, insomnia, and sinusitis or candida overgrowth.

Why are blood reports so confusing?

It is important to keep in mind that simply having a list of numbers in the "normal" column of the page does not always equal vibrant health. The "laboratory normal" ranges on blood reports represent a very wide spread.  On the one hand you can be within the so-called normal range in certain categories and still have health issues, and on the other hand you can be outside of the range in some areas and still be relatively healthy.

Rather than simply going down through a blood report looking for laboratory normal ranges, I also base my findings on "functional ranges." This can mean choosing a narrower spread for certain levels within which a person is in a greater state of health and balance.  It also means pinpointing relationships between blood levels in two or more areas that may be related.  It means identifying trends.

This kind of "detective work" can lead to conclusions about what is really causing your symptoms and is standing in the way of your optimum health. It's the difference between simply accepting data at face value and really working with it to get to the root of the problem. By investigating functional ranges, a blood report truly becomes a valuable tool that indicates where the body needs nutritional or homeopathic support, or certain lifestyle and dietary changes.

In my practice I use functional blood chemistry analysis as a way to design programs that bring the body back into a place of vibrant health and balance. I have found that most health issues ? even when certain numbers are out of normal range – can be resolved when a holistic program is put into place and the patient is given the right kind of guidance and support.   In my practice we're looking for real results you can feel, not just numbers on a page.

Please note that Dr. Salzarulo does not draw blood at his office. He will either read blood reports that you have or, if you do not have one, he will recommend an affordable laboratory in New York City.