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Holistic Detoxification & Cleansing Programs in New York City

Holistic Detoxification & Cleansing Programs

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Who needs a detoxification program?

The answer is: Everyone does.

The daily toxins that assault us in today's environment have so overloaded the body's systems and organs that they are no longer capable of detoxifying us on their own. In short, these systems need help.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2002 alone, 24,279 U.S. facilities released 4.79 billion pounds of pollutants into our atmosphere. Of these pollutants, 72 million pounds were known carcinogens. Environmental pollution, junk foods, poor elimination, and stress all point in one direction - to an accumulation of toxins. And that results in a lack of vitality.

Symptoms like excess weight, dull skin, persistent bloating and gas, constipation, fatigue, brain fog, joint and muscle pain, unexplained headaches, allergies and chronic insomnia are some of the ways that your body reacts to toxic overload.

My clients say that completing a detoxification program makes them feel like a "different person" - and in fact you are different, because you have expelled toxins, congestive wastes and excess fat deposits from your body. Of course, everyone's individual needs are different: One size dos not fit all! That's why your safe internal cleansing program is individually designed for your body's specific needs. These programs are also gentle - so they should not interfere with your usual daily activities.

Want to know more? Read the Body Burden study, which clearly explains how toxins wind up in our body.

Specific cleansing regimes

Dr. Salzarulo offers holistic detoxification and cleansing programs at his office located in New York City.

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Dr. Salzarulo has refined the process of natural detoxificationRUDOLPH BALLENTINE MD, Author of "Radical Healing" and "Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach"

"Dr. Salzarulo Is a Modern-Day Alchemist"

"I compared my blood work I did right before meeting Dr. Salzarulo and the blood work I did six months into his program. The difference was shocking! In that span of time I underwent a profound biochemical transformation for the better, and additionally, I lost over 40 pounds.

Dr. Salzarulo is a modern-day alchemist who took my toxic, leaden body and transmuted it into gold. As I learned from my experience, health is not a goal, but an ongoing process, and Dr. Salzarulo is an inspiring guide who get you from here, wherever you are, to embodying radiant health."
– Rafael Nasser, New York, N.Y.
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"I Now Feel the Best I Have Ever Felt in My Entire Life"

"I went to see Dr. Salzarulo because I was suffering form persistent weight gain – especially around my belly and chin. I was lacking the motivation to stick with a program and I felt tired and lazy. I also had achy knees and persistent acne.

I now feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life and I know it is because of Dr. Salzarulo's help. I recommend Dr. Salzarulo and his advice to everyone I know. I look better and I have accomplished all the goals I came to Dr. Salzarulo with. I can't recommend Dr. Salzarulo enough."
– Augustine Blaisdale, N.Y.C., NY
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