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Holistic Programs for Eczema

What I have come to know as a holistic practitioner is that eczema is curable.

Chronic skin conditions, such as eczema and atopic dermatitis, might look like surface problems, but their root causes are far more than skin deep.

That's why all the conventional treatments, such as skin creams and ointments prescribed over long periods almost never result in a lasting cure, just temporary relief at best. Consequently, many people with eczema feel very discouraged and even hopeless about their condition.

In my practice I have worked with patients of all ages who suffered with chronic eczema and have achieved full resolution of their symptoms – they have healthy and radiant skin, and they have stopped taking their skin medications. They achieved their health goals with a holistic approach, and they no longer require medical treatments.

Dr. Salzarulo has been a guest lecturer at The New York Eczema Support Group at NYU Medical Center. He offers holistic programs for eczema, acne, and other skin conditions in his New York City office.

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"I Can Say I No Longer Have Eczema."

"I have suffered from eczema since childhood. However, it wasn't until two years ago that my eczema broke out so badly I couldn't leave the house. The doctors all said I would just have to learn to live with it. After I started working with Dr. Salzarulo, my entire life changed. The transition to health wasn't easy, but it was worth it. My skin is cleared up, my migraines are non-existent, I'm no longer taking my battery of medications, and I am the healthiest I've ever been. My life no longer revolves around finding creams and medications to help clear up my rashes or staying at home because I'm ashamed of my skin. I can now say I don't have eczema.

I was so inspired and empowered by what I had gone through that I'm now taking classes to become a certified clinical nutritionist so that I can help others free themselves from the cycle of medicating and live happy, healthy lives. Thank you a million times, Dr. Salzarulo."
– Astrid Girolamo, Queens, N.Y.C.
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"Healing Eczema From the Inside Out"

Before coming to see Dr. Salzarulo I had severe eczema and was taking oral steroids and using many cortisone creams and nothing was working. I had eczema for the past 25 years and I felt hopeless and that there was no end in sight. I believed there was no cure, and that I would have to live with this forever. After seeing Dr. Salzarulo, I am no longer taking any oral steroids or creams, my skin is like new. Healing eczema from the inside out makes sense to me. It's a commitment but it's all worth the wait" – Debbie Hermanstyne, Registered Nurse, Queens N.Y. Read More >

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