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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQsDo you accept medical insurance?

This is a great question; one that I am frequently asked. Since the medical health system requires a medical diagnosis and medical treatment (often including drugs and/or surgery), they do not cover my services. Therefore. I do my very best to keep my fees affordable so that my practice is accessible to the community.

My approach is much different. The focus of my practice is to identify and address the underlying causes of your symptoms. Once the underlying causes are identified, a holistic program is put in place to allow your body to truly heal and for your health problems to resolve. This Holistic approach does not include medical drugs and surgery.

With all the hype and miracle products trying to pull us away from traditional medicine and offer us amazing results can you explain what makes you different?

Buying this or that product on the Internet or off a health-food-store shelf is not the same as receiving an overall assessment of your health challenges and the reasons for them. Unless it is used as a part of a carefully worked out individualized program, even a so-called holistic product often treats only the superficial symptom, not the causes behind it. Addressing the underlying causes of a health problem is the true road to health.

We all know people who have tried to change their health, follow an anti-aging program, or just get free from pain. Often these programs are so complicated that they don't fit in our lives. Are your programs simple to follow?

Yes, my programs are designed to fit into a busy life. I give clear instructions, so you are never wondering what to do. My office also gives our clients the support they need along the way. The key is: We go as fast as we can but as slow as we need to. The road to health is a process.

How many years have you been involved with this type of work? What sort of conditions do your patients deal with?

I have been doing this work for more than 18 years. Over that period of time I've refined my programs based on the results I've observed with the many conditions I have addressed. And I am continually studying new methods for the benefit of my clients.

My typical patient walks in with a variety of symptoms. Currently I'm dealing with everything from digestive and skin issues all the way through to auto-immune disorders, allergies, candida overgrowth and chronic fatigue. The key is to approach each client individually and each health condition from the most fundamental level. It can't be said often enough: Always identify and address the underlying causes.

Do you encourage your clients to fast when completing a natural detoxification and cleansing program?

No. You can eat as much as you need while cleansing, although certain dietary adjustments are recommended. I find that fasting often leads to reactions that are too uncomfortable for most clients and may even be unhealthy for some.

What about people who are afraid of doctors? Do you use needles or any other invasive methods?

No. We do not use any needles or invasive procedures. All the techniques in the office are safe and gentle. I work with infants all the way to the elderly.

Why homeopathy? Aren't nutrition and lifestyle changes enough?

Homeopathy has been shown to be extremely effective for acute and chronic conditions that are resistant to other means of treatment. I find homeopathy works best when combined with other holistic modalities such as clinical nutrition, and detoxification. I use this combined approach which is tailored to each client’s individual needs and situation.