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Heavy Metal Toxicity

An unfortunate side effect of our vastly industrialized society is the release of heavy metals and pollutants into the environment, and their subsequent absorption into our bodies. The accumulation of heavy metals in the body poses a major health risk and can be responsible for a variety of diseases from neurological and auto-immune disorders to cancer. Fortunately, there are many ways to detoxify our bodies from heavy metals.

How do heavy metals get into our bodies?

Heavy metals are released into the environment by chemicals, industrial plants, and fossil fuel combustion. They can also come from natural sources such as the erosion of rocks and soil. These metals then contaminate the environment and can find their way into our bodies through air, water and food. Some heavy metals become more concentrated as they continue through the food chain through a process called "biomagnification." An example of biomagnificaiton is when a small fish with a low level of mercury is eaten by a bigger fish, then the bigger fish, as a result, has a higher level of mercury (its own plus that of the fish it has eaten). Then if another fish eats that fish, it ends up with an even higher mercury level. This is the reason that tuna is known to have high levels of mercury. And if we then eat that tuna, we are also eating that accumulated mercury. Heavy metals can also make their way into our bodies by absorption into the skin and inhalation.

What are some of the metals considered "Heavy Metals"?

Although there are 23 elements on the periodic table that are considered heavy metals, the ones that are most frequently associated with heavy metal toxicity are mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, and arsenic.

What are the common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity?

Though there are many symptoms of heavy metal toxicity, some of the more common symptoms associated with long-term exposure are fatigue, brain fog, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, allergies, rashes and skin lesions. Heavy metal toxicity may be also be associated with neurological disorders, circulatory disorders, kidney and thyroid problems, cardiovascular disease, anemia, stroke, diabetes, respiratory illness, osteoporosis and cancer.?

How do you test for heavy metals?

One of the best ways to test for heavy metals is with a urine test.? These tests are relatively inexpensive, easy to use, and can be completed at home. A urine sample is sent to a lab to be analyzed and each metal tested receives a score to see if it is within safe range.? Testing is done for a total of 20 heavy metals.

What can be done to reduce the amount of heavy metals in the body?

There are holistic programs to reduce the amount of heavy metals in the body.? These programs are specific to each person and also depend on which metals show up in problem amounts.? The programs may consist of a combination of dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and detoxification ?practices. All programs are clearly written out and designed to be easy to follow.

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"Dr. Anthony Salzarulo has refined the process of natural detoxification (which is essential today). He has a stubborn determination to dig down to the roots of suffering and address the underlying issues that not only create disease, but limit creativity & joy in life. Though many healers claim they aim for this level of work, few persist in the work that is necessary to gain the ability to do it." Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Author of "Radical Healing" and "Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach."

"No one believed, myself included, that I could return my health to normalcy and eliminate any threat from Graves' Disease by diet and detox alone. It is such a scary step to take because we are taught to trust and listen to our western doctors, but I knew that wasn't the path I wanted to follow. It felt like I was cheating myself out of knowledge, growth, and change by deciding I was damaged goods and succumbing to chemicals and medications. Dr. Sal showed me I have the power within me to create the change I want to see. My blood work shows my thyroid levels have returned to normal" – Leigh Atwell, Brooklyn

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