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Skin Problems? They're More Than Skin Deep!

Chronic skin conditions, eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea and dermatitis – might look like surface problems, but their root causes are far more than skin deep. That's why all the skin creams and ointments prescribed over long periods almost never result in a lasting cure, just temporary relief at best. Why do those rashes, pimples, redness, itching and oozing always come back?

That's one of the most important questions in holistic medicine today. The reason is that the cause of skin problems is almost never the skin itself. They are signs of deeper problems, usually in the cleansing organs of the body: the liver, lungs, kidneys and colon.

Just think of the toxins that our bodies absorb on a daily basis. In a world overflowing with harmful chemicals – from processed foods, air pollution, water pollution and a host of other things – it's no wonder that our organs are overloaded with toxins. In order to have any level of health, we must get rid of this toxic overload. Our main organs of excretion are the lungs, liver, kidneys and colon. They are the body's most effective routes for toxin drainage.

Whenever the primary drainage organs cannot keep up with the toxic load (which is very often the case in today's world), the body will have to rely on secondary drainage organs for help. The major secondary drainage organs include sinuses, mucous membranes, the lymph system, vaginal canal, bladder – and, of course, the skin!

However, secondary drainage organs like the skin are not very efficient at removing toxins. So when our body is forced to use them for this purpose, the skin becomes clogged, scaly, ulcerated, inflamed and chronically unhealthy. Conditions like acne, eczema, psoriasis and rashes are results of the body's attempt to remove toxins through the skin.

Can the skin be healed? The answer is yes! To heal the skin we first have to cleanse the primary drainage organs. Once the lungs, liver, kidneys and colon are draining toxins effectively, the body will no longer need to drain toxins through the skin and true healing can take place.

I have observed great results with Biotherapeutic Drainage, one of the most advanced systems ever devised for cleaning the body of toxins that accumulate in our tissues and organs. It is a safe and gentle means of assisting toxic drainage in the body and therefore addressing the underlying causes of your skin symptoms. It helps open up the primary routes of excretion to relieve the body of its toxic burden. It works on an extra-cellular and intra-cellular level to remove blockages and help move the body toward a state of vibrant health and true healing.

Remember: True skin healing can only be achieved from the inside out!


"My Pimples are Gone"

"Before seeing Dr Salzarulo I got monthly yeast infections, and frequent urinary tract infections that wouldn't go away. I also had bad acne breakouts and I was never without a pimple and I had lots of red marks where the pimples once were. I also felt very tired, I needed a nap every afternoon and I did not have excitement and motivation with my work no "get up and go."

Since seeing Dr Salzarulo I haven't had a yeast infection in months, my urinary tract infection is gone, my pimples are gone, I barely need make-up, redness has faded, and I no longer need an afternoon nap and I am very focused and excited about my work!"
– Erika S.
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"My skin Looks Great!"

"It has been over a month since I last saw you and I want to update you. I want to first thank you for all your help. I am still on the herbs, I have lost 15 pounds, and my health could not be better. My muscles and joints do not ache, my heartburn is gone, my skin looks great, and I have more energy.

My new habits all come naturally to me now: it is not a struggle anymore like in the beginning. I am very happy I made that first appointment with you. The program is really worth every cent. I have an improved lifestyle, and I am enjoying it, and I owe it to you." – Elizabeth, New York, NY
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"My Skin Glows and My Energy Level Has Soared"

I first came to Dr. Salzarulo suffering from chronic hives and candida. A physical and emotional mess, to say the least. He is a kind soul and truly lives to improve the quality of life of his patients. After my first appointment, he knew exactly what was going on with me and immediately began to lay out a program to start my journey to renewed health and well-being.

And a journey it has been. We partnered knowing that it would take both of us to accomplish the goals we set forth. With Dr. Sal's knowledge of natural healing and commitment to his work, along with the dietary changes and my commitment in his program, my hives disappeared, I've lost 20 pounds, my skin glows, and my energy level has soared." – Charisse Canterino, Goshen, N.Y.
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"I Can Say I No Longer Have Eczema."

"I have suffered from eczema since childhood. However, it wasn't until two years ago that my eczema broke out so badly I couldn't leave the house. The doctors all said I would just have to learn to live with it. After I started working with Dr. Salzarulo, my entire life changed. The transition to health wasn't easy, but it was worth it. My skin is cleared up, my migraines are non-existent, I'm no longer taking my battery of medications, and I am the healthiest I've ever been. My life no longer revolves around finding creams and medications to help clear up my rashes or staying at home because I'm ashamed of my skin. I can now say I don't have eczema.

I was so inspired and empowered by what I had gone through that I'm now taking classes to become a certified clinical nutritionist so that I can help others free themselves from the cycle of medicating and live happy, healthy lives. Thank you a million times, Dr. Salzarulo."
– Astrid Girolamo, Queens, N.Y.C.
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"Healing Eczema From the Inside Out"

"Before coming to see Dr. Salzarulo I had severe eczema and was taking oral steroids and using many cortisone creams and nothing was working. I had eczema for the past 25 years and I felt hopeless and that there was no end in sight. I believed there was no cure, and that I would have to live with this forever. After seeing Dr. Salzarulo, I am no longer taking any oral steroids or creams, my skin is like new. Healing eczema from the inside out makes sense to me. It's a commitment but it's all worth the wait." – Debbie Hermanstyne, Registered Nurse, Queens N.Y. Read More >

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