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"Our function is the healing of individuals, families, communities,
and future generations."

My Holistic Programs

Holistic Programs NYCThe focus of my practice is to find and address the underlying causes of your symptoms.

Remember first and foremost: Symptoms are the body's cry for help. They are signs that certain underlying organ systems in your body are stressed and in need of support. Until these underlying systems are given the support they need, your health challenges will continue for years or even a lifetime.

That is why your initial consultation with me will include a symptom survey, a detailed history, organ-stress testing and an Iridology exam. Once the underlying causes of your problems are determined, we set up your personalized health-improvement program, complete with a general time for healing.

My treatments are totally non-invasive and drug-free. These are time-tested and proven programs to bring your body back to vibrant health. Your individual program will have dietary guidelines and may include nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathic remedies, biotherapeutic drainage and a detoxification program.

All programs are clearly written and designed to be easy-to-follow. The day you start following your personal program, you are truly on your way to improving your health.

"Much more than just a health practitioner, I am deeply committed to teaching and empowering my clients so that they feel inspired to stick with their programs, achieve their goals and ultimately take full charge of their own health."
- Dr. Anthony Salzarulo

In Manhattan, Dr. Salzarulo can be reached at (212) 475-2222. Please call to set up an appointment.


"Dr. Salzarulo is a modern day alchemist who took my toxic, leaden body and transmuted it into gold. I am profoundly grateful for his practical wisdom, and I would encourage anyone who feels less than optimal health to visit him. As I learned from my experience, health is not a goal, but an ongoing process, and Dr. Salzarulo is an inspiring guide who get you from here, wherever you are, to embodying radiant health." Rafael Nasser, New York, NY

"Dr. Anthony Salzarulo has a stubborn determination to dig down to the roots of suffering and address the underlying issues that not only create disease, but limit creativity and joy in life. Though many healers claim they aim for this level of work, few persist in the work that is necessary to gain the ability to do it." Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Alternative Medicine, the author of the classic works Radical Healing and Diet and Nutrition: A Holistic Approach

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