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Curing Insomnia the Natural Way

"I have so much trouble falling asleep."

“I toss and turn all night."

"I am still tired when I wake up."

“I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep.”

"The sleep medications I'm taking are not working."

"I just can't get a good night's rest."

“None of the treatments I tried are helping me.”

If you find yourself saying one or more of these things, you are not alone. It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from insomnia. Insomnia impacts our lives in many ways and can leave us suffering from exhaustion, anxiety, depression and chronic illness. It is nearly impossible for our bodies to heal when we do not have the proper amount of quality sleep. The good news is: Insomnia is not a permanent condition.

It's important to realize that insomnia is your body's way of letting you know that there are organs and glands out of balance, stressed and in need of support. For example, insomnia is often the result of the adrenal glands producing too much cortisol late in the evening, or the pineal gland producing too little melatonin. Other sources of imbalance may be found in the liver, thyroid and nervous system.

I have clearly observed that once the underlying cause of the insomnia is identified, the body can be brought back to balance in a natural and holistic way. When the body is in balance, you will naturally fall asleep and stay asleep.

In my practice I have worked with many patients who suffered with chronic insomnia and have achieved full resolution of their symptoms – they are able to consistently have restful, uninterrupted sleep. They achieved their health goals with a holistic approach, and they no longer require medical drugs to fall asleep.

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"My sleep is now better than it has been in years"

"I came to Dr. Salzarulo about a year ago with severe long-term insomnia and general sleep problems. I immediately felt I was seeing the right practitioner. I gradually incorporated the health and dietary practices that he recommended. My sleep is now better than it has been in years, and continues to improve. Working with Dr. Salzarulo has been crucial in helping me get to this place."
– Ivan Crockett, Brooklyn, NYC
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"My Sleep Has Improved!"

"I have struggled with insomnia for many years, which would cause me to feel very tired throughout the following day. After following Dr. Salzarulo's health protocols, my sleep has improved. I feel more rested, have more energy, and I am also calmer and more focused throughout the day."
– VM, Sommerset, NJ
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