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"I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis 15 years ago. I was on various medications over the years. Every new drug would work for a month or two, I would feel hopeful, and then I would have another flare-up. In addition to this, I started getting numerous other infections. There was rarely a week that went by that I wasn't dealing with a flare-up from the colitis or one on these others ailments. One night, at two in the morning I broke down crying uncontrollably and realized I had dealt with enough. I had to find out why one thing after another was happening to me. I was tired of doctors dealing with only the symptoms.

I found Dr. Salzarulo, and I am the healthiest and happiest I have been since I was diagnosed with colitis. It has been a year since my first visit, and I am off all medication, haven't had any symptoms of colitis in over seven months, have not had one U.T.I. – and this is the first spring I haven't had allergies.

It takes hard work and a lot of discipline but I truly feel like a new person! I am so hopeful and cannot express enough how meeting him has changed my life. Dr. Salzarulo is the most caring and thoughtful doctor I have ever been to. I hope you decide to see for yourself."
– Jen Burry, Brooklyn, NY

"I compared my blood work I did right before meeting Dr. Salzarulo and the blood work I did six months into his program. The difference was shocking! In that span of time I underwent a profound biochemical transformation for the better, and additionally, I lost over 40 pounds.

Dr. Salzarulo is a modern-day alchemist who took my toxic, leaden body and transmuted it into gold. As I learned from my experience, health is not a goal, but an ongoing process, and Dr. Salzarulo is an inspiring guide who get you from here, wherever you are, to embodying radiant health."
– Rafael Nasser, New York, N.Y.

"I first came to Dr. Salzarulo suffering from chronic hives and candida. A physical and emotional mess, to say the least. He is a kind soul and truly lives to improve the quality of life of his patients.

After my first appointment, he knew exactly what was going on with me and immediately began to lay out a program to start my journey to renewed health and well-being.

And a journey it has been. We partnered knowing that it would take both of us to accomplish the goals we set forth. With Dr. Sal's knowledge of natural healing and commitment to his work, along with the dietary changes and my commitment in his program, my hives disappeared, I've lost 20 pounds, my skin glows, and my energy level has soared."
– Charisse Canterino, Goshen NY

"No one believed, myself included, that I could return my health to normalcy and eliminate any threat from Graves' Disease by diet and detox alone. It is such a scary step to take because we are taught to trust and listen to our western doctors, but I knew that wasn't the path I wanted to follow. It felt like I was cheating myself out of knowledge, growth, and change by deciding I was damaged goods and succumbing to chemicals and medications. Dr. Sal showed me I have the power within me to create the change I want to see. My blood work shows my thyroid levels have returned to normal."
– Leigh Atwell, Brooklyn, NYC

"5 months ago today i thought i was signing my life away but little did i know, after almost 5 years of struggling to find the answers i now have my life back! I now have the answers and the knowledge to move forward and have never felt better. thanks so much Dr. Salzarulo!!"
– Melissa Morrissette, NYC

"What a difference a year makes. Under the guidance of Dr. Salzarulo! When I first met Dr. S. in July, 2008, I presented with chronic musculoskeletal pain, hypertension, and high cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Of course, I was taking prescription medications, which were only treating symptoms, and not addressing the under-lying causes for my distress. Through the use of targeted nutritional supplements, diet and exercise, and a positive, focused desire to improve my physical being, I was able to lose weight, return to normal blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and greatly reduce the physical pain I had been experiencing. I would not have been able to achieve these results without the guidance of Dr. Salzarulo. Thank you!!"
– Rich Leide, Brooklyn, NY

"I came to see Dr. Salzarulo because I was overweight, exhausted and suffering from chronic sinusitis and constipation. After my initial evaluation I wondered if I could ever change my bad habits. I thank Dr. Salzarulo for helping me rebuild my self confidence. In just six weeks I lost 17 pounds, my bowels are flowing smoothly, I have much more energy and my sinusitis is much better."
– Laure Sequin, Queens, N.Y.

"Before seeing Dr. Salzarulo my 18-month-old son had been hospitalized three times with stomach viruses, double pneumonia, and asthma. He saw multiple specialists, who put him on Prednisone, antibiotics and four types of asthma medications. My son couldn't go anywhere without catching a virus or cold, and each doctor told me that there was nothing I could do to boost his immune system. After following Dr. Salzarulo's program he is gaining weight, is completely off all medications, and can now spend time outside.

My son is finally growing like the healthy boy he should be!"
– Dorothy E., Bronx, N.Y.

“I saw 12 doctors before I sought the help of Dr. Salzarulo. With his patience, determination and dedication I have been able to rid myself of my Candida overgrowth symptoms. I am no longer depressed or anxious, and my energy level remains high throughout the day. Every week I am complimented on the glow that I have, and it makes me feel extremely proud of myself when other people notice that I am doing great. Best of all, Dr. Salzarulo has given me the education I need to maintain this healthy vibrant life forever.”
– Courtney Feemster, Manhattan

"Prior to seeing Dr. Salzarulo I was overweight, tired and suffering from frequent headaches and a hypothyroid condition for many years. Since seeing Dr. Salzarulo, I have much more energy, my headaches are gone, I lost 17 pounds and I no longer need to take Synthyroid medication for my thyroid. I feel happier and better about myself. Dr. Salzarulo has made such a difference in my life!"
– Laura Milander, Brooklyn, N.Y.

"I went to see Dr. Salzarulo because I was suffering form persistent weight gain – especially around my belly and chin. I was lacking the motivation to stick with a program and I felt tired and lazy. I also had achy knees and persistent acne.

I now feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life and I know it is because of Dr. Salzarulo's help. I recommend Dr. Salzarulo and his advice to everyone I know. I look better and I have accomplished all the goals I came to Dr. Salzarulo with. I can't recommend Dr. Salzarulo enough."
– Augustine Blaisdale, N.Y.C., New York

"Dr. Salzarulo explains things so well that you come away with a very clear understanding about the things you need to do to improve your health. He is a very dedicated professional."
– John DiFalco, Vancouver, WA

"As a dentist and owner of a successful dental practice, I deal with lots of stress and anxiety on a daily basis. After searching for a way to maintain my busy life while also maintaining my health, well being and my family, I found the answers by working with Dr. Salzarulo. He personalized a program for me, which was the platform for the energetic, positive me of today. It has been an ever-achieving endeavor, with each level bringing more spirit and health that I could ever imagine.

My work is better. My blood chemistry is better. And my family and friends have commented on the increase in my energy. The most notable change for me is that I'm much calmer.

I attribute a large part of my success to Dr. Salzarulo's broad knowledge of natural medicine and his kind encouragement. I continue to be inspired!"
– Dr.Joseph LaCarrubba, Dentist, Manhasset, NY

"It has been over a month since I last saw you and I want to update you. I want to first thank you for all your help. I am still on the herbs, I have lost 15 pounds, and my health could not be better. My muscles and joints do not ache, my heartburn is gone, my skin looks great, and I have more energy.

My new habits all come naturally to me now: it is not a struggle anymore like in the beginning. I am very happy I made that first appointment with you. The program is really worth every cent. I have an improved lifestyle, and I am enjoying it, and I owe it to you."

"Dr. Anthony Salzarulo is my nutritionist/homeopath. He brings a refreshing, practical and easy-to-follow program to wellness care. Dr. Salzarulo helps me to refocus on the priority of my own health."
– Dr. James Kiernan, Chiropractor, Rockaway Beach, NY

"Since I've began working with Dr. Salzarulo, my entire concept of "health" has changed for the better. Before seeing him, my symptoms had eluded other physicians; although I got frequent headaches, tended to get shaky at points in my day, and generally felt dull, I could not be "diagnosed" and could therefore get no help. Enter Dr. Salzarulo. Now, I no longer get headaches, I sleep well at night and I feel truly amazing! With his guidance, I have gained a practical understanding of holistic healing as it pertains to ME, and this has been tremendously empowering. He has taught me how to help myself, and for this I am so grateful. Dr Salzarulo is a kind and loving soul, and has the unique ability to inspire and motivate his patients while pushing them toward a place of vibrant health. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is truly dedicated to his work. I emphatically recommend him to anyone."
– Evan S., Brooklyn, NY

"Dr. Anthony Salzarulo is unique in what he offers his clients caring attitude and multidimensional skills. His caring translates to deep listening, he is present, really present. This quality is rare in the health service community. I sense the quality of his intuitive wisdom and consider him a healer and a friend. Dr. Salzarulo fully understands the workings of the human body, and in addition, his intense studies of nutrition, herbs, homeopathic and flower essences enabled him to identify the root causes of my ailments, which led to a long term solution."
– Balram Sethi, Retired Engineer, Columbia, MD

"We hear terms like “recovery” and “healing” on a daily basis. Most of the time they don’t ring true. The special ingredients that go into healing must start with the subject becoming healer and that can only happen with the insight, motivation and inspiration ignited by another.

That “other” has to be quite special: possessing medical knowledge, a variety of healing practices, especially non-western, some understanding of psychology, as well as the spiritual dimension. That “other” for me, when I was most in need, was Dr. Anthony Salzarulo."
– Bob Desantis, Retired Sales Executive, Manhatttan, NYC

"Dr. Salzarulo, thank you so much for your patience, commitment, support, love, and gentleness toward my whole healing process."
– Frank Z., New York City

"I have suffered from eczema since childhood. However, it wasn't until two years ago that my eczema broke out so badly I couldn't leave the house. The doctors all said I would just have to learn to live with it.After I started working with Dr. Salzarulo, my entire life changed. The transition to health wasn't easy, but it was worth it. My skin is cleared up, my migraines are non-existent, I'm no longer taking my battery of medications, and I am the healthiest I've ever been. My life no longer revolves around finding creams and medications to help clear up my rashes or staying at home because I'm ashamed of my skin. I can now say I don't have eczema.

I was so inspired and empowered by what I had gone through that I'm now taking classes to become a certified clinical nutritionist so that I can help others free themselves from the cycle of medicating and live happy, healthy lives. Thank you a million times, Dr. Salzarulo."
– Astrid Girolamo, Queens, N.Y.C.

"Before coming to see Dr. Salzarulo I had severe eczema and was taking oral steroids and using many cortisone creams and nothing was working. I had eczema for the past 25 years and I felt hopeless and that there was no end in sight. I believed there was no cure, and that I would have to live with this forever. After seeing Dr. Salzarulo, I am no longer taking any oral steroids or creams, my skin is like new. Healing eczema from the inside out makes sense to me. It's a commitment but it's all worth the wait."
– Debbie Hermanstyne, Registered Nurse, Queens N.Y.

"About a year ago, after a yearly medical exam, my doctor told me that my cholesterol was too high, registering at 230, and wrote me a prescription for Lipitor. I was somewhat alarmed at the number in question and with extreme trepidation had the prescription filled. I actually took one pill but shared my fears about taking the drug, and its side effects, with a friend of mine. She suggested that I contact Dr. Anthony Salzarulo.

As it turned out, it was the very best decision I could possibly have made. After speaking with Dr. Salzarulo, he suggested that with a moderate change of diet, along with natural supplements he recommended, I very likely could get the desired results without taking Lipitor.

As it turned out, it was one of the best decisions I could have possibly made. Within 3 months my numbers went down to 180 and have continued to decline since. I am still taking some supplements and my diet is definitely healthier but it was Dr. Salzarulo who steered me on the healthier and wiser path. With much appreciation,"
– Fred Sperber, Old Bethpage, NY

"Seven months ago my MD prescribed me medication for high blood pressure, saying I couldn't avoid meds any longer. I was suffering from heart arrhythmia, and had been hospitalized for almost a week about a year earlier.  I have never taken much in the way of meds before, but this time I didn't see how to NOT take them. I filled the prescription, but before I started the medication I went to see Dr. Salzarulo.

Dr. S examined me, took my history, and gave me a thorough education on the workings of the body, and how over time our lifestyle issues can get it out of balance. He gave me several homeopathic remedies, and directed me to make some alterations to my diet. I was so scared I actually did change my diet, but it really helped that Dr. S took the time to explain the reasons why the changes were needed -- unusual in the medical field.

It's seven months later and I never did open the bottle of blood pressure medications. My pressure is now in normal range, the arrhythmia is gone, and the extreme fatigue/restlessness I had before are so much better. Just last night I looked down at my lower legs, which for the past 3-4 years have been swelling considerably by the end of day -- and they were normal! It was such a shock.

These things didn't happen by accident. Dr. S has made it his business to research the best methods there are for really healing the body, rather than manipulating symptoms out of existence. That's the thing I like most about him -- the knowledge. But he's also friendly, easy to talk to, and takes time to be on top of the details of my case. Without my health, all the other plans and hopes in my life don't mean a lot -- I thank him for his consistent focus, attention to detail, and healing energy."?
– Brain M, Brooklyn, NY

"I've spent two decades searching for the best, most knowledgeable holistic practitioners I could find for maintaining my own health. He is absolutely wonderful. I'm convinced he can get to the root of any health concern – major or minor. I've never been more impressed or more healthy."
– Peter Sklar, New York

"I came to Dr. Salzarulo about a year ago with severe long-term insomnia and general sleep problems. I immediately felt I was seeing the right practitioner. I gradually incorporated the health and dietary practices that he recommended. With time, I began to notice differences in my overall health and sleeping pattern. My sleep is now better than it has been in years, and continues to improve. Working with Dr. Salzarulo has been crucial in helping me get to this place."
– Ivan Crockett, Brooklyn

"Before seeing Dr. Salzarulo, my 17 month old child had seven ear infections in a period of six months. I was told by my medical doctor that my son would need surgery if things did not clear up. I worked with Dr. Salzarulo for two months with homeopathic remedies as well as diet and lifestyle changes. When I went for the next visit with my doctor I was told that my son's ear was clear and that he would not need any surgery.

My son is doing great, and I am now a believer in homeopathy."
– U. Khurana, Jersey City, New Jersey