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Holistic Programs for Thyroid Problems

Thyroid medications are a first line of defense for many medical doctors. They are often prescribed with the promise of wiping out a number of symptoms in one fell swoop. But this approach ignores what caused the thyroid to become dysfunctional in the first place. For example, irregular immune function, imbalanced blood sugar metabolism, liver congestion, gut infections, adrenal problems, and hormonal imbalances can all significantly depress thyroid function.

In my experience, I have found that the majority of people with hypothyroidism do not need medications. In fact, medication can make functional hypothyroidism irreversible.

Another very important fact is that most thyroid problems are auto-immune. In order for these symptoms to be resolved, the immune system needs to be brought back into balance, which can be done using holistic means. Using these methods, I very often observe that my clients begin to feel better - and their entire system, including the thyroid, comes back to a much stronger state of health.

If the thyroid problem is not an auto-immune one, then there are many dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional changes that can be made to help bring the thyroid back into a state of balance - without resorting to medication or surgery.

You can recover from thyroid imbalances.

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"Such a Difference in My Life"

"Prior to seeing Dr. Salzarulo I was overweight, tired and suffering from frequent headaches and a hypothyroid condition for many years. Since seeing Dr. Salzarulo, I have much more energy, my headaches are gone, I lost 17 pounds and I no longer need to take Synthyroid medication for my thyroid. I feel happier and better about myself. Dr. Salzarulo has made such a difference in my life!" – Laura Milander, Brooklyn, N.Y. Read More >

"My Blood Work Shows My Thyroid Levels Have Returned to Normal"

"No one believed, myself included, that I could return my health to normalcy and eliminate any threat from Graves' Disease by diet and detox alone. It is such a scary step to take because we are taught to trust and listen to our western doctors, but I knew that wasn't the path I wanted to follow. It felt like I was cheating myself out of knowledge, growth, and change by deciding I was damaged goods and succumbing to chemicals and medications. Dr. Sal showed me I have the power within me to create the change I want to see. My blood work shows my thyroid levels have returned to normal.
– Leigh Atwell, Brooklyn, NYC
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