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Vaccinations: Making an Informed Decision in the Face of Conflicting Information…

As a healthcare practitioner, one of my main jobs is to educate my clients. As we all know, vaccinations are a touchy and sometimes controversial subject. The literature around vaccines is filled with the pros and cons of vaccinating and there is no doubt that it can be very confusing.

I am often asked, “If I choose to vaccinate my child, is there anything I can do before and after vaccinations to support my child’s health?” The answer is yes.

There are very safe and effective protocols to help protect children from the adverse reactions to vaccinations. These protocols have been used for many years and do not involve any medical drugs. They are based on homeopathic principles and are safe to use with children of all ages.

Parents also ask me if there are ways to support their child’s immune system in the case that they choose not to vaccinate. The answer is also yes.

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